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A Busy year so far..

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The centre of Kiev in the Ukraine
With the Otters Ladies football team In their second season like most of the teams at the moment, they have got off to a difficult start to the season so far. From the freezing temperatures where some games had to be called off due to frozen pitches to the games that have had to be cancelled due to the resent wet spell, most of the teams fixtures are behind. The ladies are still training and the games are being rescheduled when ever they can. I have been along to a number of the games so far and will be on the side lines for the future games to capture the team in action.

Ottery Ladies v Budleigh Salterton Robins 1185

As the cold snap eased in the UK, I was on a flight to The Ukrainian capital Kiev for a ten day photographic trip as part of a project that I am working on. . As I flew in all I could see was a thick white blanket covering the landscape below and as the cityscape of Kiev came into view the voice on the plane intercom announced the local temperature was at present -12! This was going to be an interesting ten days. However despite the cold conditions as you would expect the locals were all use to it and every thing carried on and ran as normal. In fact after a couple of the days the temperature dramatically climbed up the scale and a thaw was on the way. Throughout this trip I was out and about in the city every day exploring with my camera. A few of the Images that I made will be posted here soon with some more being posted on my other sites, just follow the links on the links page to view them there. I am planning another visit to the Ukraine for later in the year to capture another part of the country and I will be visiting a friend of mine at the same time and she will be my guide with local knowledge of some fantastic areas to go and visit.

The day after my return to the UK, I was at the N.E.C in Birmingham for the Photography show. This was a chance to have a look at some of the new equipment and technology on the market, as well as the chance to meet some fellow photographers for a catch up. However compered to past Photography shows this years show was some what disappointing.

After several weeks of the cold weather it was time to find some sun. So with Easter being early this year I along with a few close friends headed of to Mallorca for the Easter weekend. This was a weekend to relax and have some fun in the sun. I did take my camera along and captured a few images. Head along to my Instagram account to see some of them. Don't forget to Follow me to keep up to date. Instagram Link

Over the next few weeks I will be heading out to capture some of the local images of spring. Yes it is coming. I am also working on a photo project locally which I will post updates on in future blogs. I will also be planning my up coming return trip to the Ukraine.