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'Hope & Renewal' Photo Competition

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Hands of Generations.

People grow old and die, but every day there is a renewal of life as a new born arrives in to the world and with it comes hope for future generation's.
At around 05:00 BST On Fri 28th Oct 2016 a huge fire began in buildings on Cathedral Green in Devon. It destroyed historic buildings on Exeter Cathedral Green, including Britain's first hotel the Royal Clarence Hotel, which dates back to 1769. This was a tragedy for the city. Yet after tragedy something always emerges. The circle of life continues.
A local Sculpture Artist, Martin Staniforth was Inspired by this, he took over a tonne of burnt wood, salvaged from that fire, and create a sculpture calling it ‘Hope & Renewal #1.
It is thought that some of the timbers came from trees that grew in the 1500s.

There was a photographic competition on the theme of 'Hope & Renewal'. which I entered this image..
All the wining Images can be viewed .. HERE

All of the winning images are touring around the area and can be viewed at the following venues.

‘Hope & Renewal’ photography competition tour
CoLab, Exeter June 9th – June 16th
Beehive, Honiton June 17th – July 7th
Teignmouth lighthouse July 22nd – Sep 13th
Glorious Art House, Exeter Sep 29th – Oct 5th