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Highland Stag
I have just got back from two very busy but enjoyable weeks in Scotland. After leaving home at 4am and a ten hour drive north I arrived in a very misty Glen Coe where I planned to work from for the next three days before moving up to Skye. I had several Images in mind, one of which was of Glen Coe itself from the summit of a near by peak that overlooks the Glen. Well we cant't control the weather, the mist hung around for the three days that I spent in Glen Coe, So I switched to plan B.
(Always have a plan B)
Plan B was to stay down low in the Glens and shoot some closeup images. My first port of call was up the Glencoe ski center road to do some shots of "Black Rock Cottage"a popular location for photographs I know , but I wanted to get my own shots of the cottage and the mountains behind. I set up my camera and then had to wait for the clouds that were totally covering the view to lift. A couple hours or so of waiting and they did (briefly) and I got my shot. Happy now that I had got a least one shot in the bag I headed off down Glen Etive. Generally when the weather gets rough higher on the hills the Deer make their way down to the shelter of the Glens. A couple of miles down the Glen there was half a dozen red deer making their way down to the valley floor. I parked up and looked for a spot to set up. After crawling in cover, (getting wet and very muddy) it paid off as I half a dozen shot that I am pleased with. My three days in Glen Coe soon went and on a very wet morning I headed further north to Skye. On arrival the rain storm had passed and the weather was looking up! I had some locations on Skye that I planned to visit and photography. The Fairy Pools, Old Man of Storr and many others. I was up at 4am most mornings in order to get to my chosen location in time for sunrise and some of the best light. You can see a selection of the Images that I made HERE OR HERE